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hy Choose CodeIgniter?


CodeIgniter is very secure with built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks. Version 4 adds context-sensitive escaping and CSP.

Easy Customization

Developers can easily customize existing libraries, write new libraries, and use shortcodes in CodeIgniter, which makes it one of the most preferred PHP frameworks in the market.

Popular MVC Architecture

Designing HTML codes and managing separate code forms are easy in CI’s MVC architecture, resulting in a logic-based and synchronized development process.

Less Coding, Faster Development

Requiring shorter and fewer codes, this PHP framework does not take a lot of installation, configuration, or execution time.

Community Support

With over 57000 registered members on the CodeIgniter forum, receiving industry-focussed solutions and recommendations is easy and quick.

Great Performance

CodeIngiter is lightweight and performs better in comparison to many of its peers.

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