PHP is recognized as one of the most useful companions for the web developers. It’s a scripting language and is extensively used for developing complex web applications and websites.

Throughout the last decade PHP has matured into variable branches of frameworks that caters to totally different areas of the web site development.

The PHP programmers now have the option to choose from a variety of frameworks like CakePHP, Zend, Symfony and several others. Symfony is one of the PHP based frameworks which has become quite popular in the recent times. Moreover, the most preferred PHP framework after Laravel and CodeIgniter, it has gained immense popularity owing to a roster of benefits it ensures. Here are the topmost ones:

  • Accentuated performance

    For any website, performance optimization rules the roost. Especially if it is a business portal, boosting the speed becomes even more essential. Symfony clicks exactly at this point and enhances the functioning of your web app with spruced up speed. In fact, it is around 3 time quicker than Zend Framework 1.10, and Symfony Version 1.4 and consumes comparably 2 times lesser memory

  • Flexibility at its best

         Riding high on elements and bundles, Symfony is regarded as an exclusively feature-rich PHP framework.

        It lets you to use as much functionality as you wish to come up with an intricate application. It allows you to develop the    framework depending on the functionalities of your choice. Moreover, you’ll conjointly use Symfony to make standalone practicality for any of your specific comes. Enough of flexibility, isn’t it?

  • Simple to use

    Symfony is comparably much easy to understand and develop applications. Even if you are a beginner, you could go through the documentations and seek the help of the community to come with adaptable applications. It actually takes care of several intricate tasks and enables the developers to utilize only the plus points of the framework in order to boost productivity.

  • Expand it at your will

Every plugin or bundle in Symfony intends at adding additional practicality to the framework. You can even reuse it for other projects or share the same with your community members. This bundle system lets the users to change everything, including the behavior of the framework without re-configuring it.

  • Extended support

With Symfony you’ll stay rest assured of upmarket framework, thanks to the regular updates it undergoes. Moreover, all its versions have long-term support and are compatible with the latest versions. Hence, if you have an old Symfony release, you can upgrade it to the recent one without uninstalling the old one. To conclude, Symfony is popping up as a perfect framework to develop performance-rich applications counting on the precise needs of the purchasers.

However, it would be good to hire an expert developer to work on it if you are aspiring for best results.


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