Complete Website Maintenance and Support Services for Drupal, WordPress, Magento, PHP & Mobile App.

Your new website is built and functioning, but the work isn’t over. Updating the content on your site and /or your site blog is important to keep customers coming back to your site. The smooth effective and appropriate maintenance of a website is very vital so that the customers can easily access the website and an error free stunning site makes user more engaged and interested towards your site and services, thus for this purpose the website should be maintained. To make the great impression to the client’s website must update regularly with the latest technology best way to get information imparted to the customers. Our services continuously check for technology snags and other glitches and ensure that it continues to render an exceptional user- experience. It is accountable for the proper functioning of all the functionalities and elements, and makes sure that it is working smoothly what it is expected to.

Our web site maintenance and web site support services will give you with current, reliable and affordable website solutions, delivered in a timely and professional manner.

Our team of experts of Originate Soft expertise in dealing with all kinds of error from easy to complex, Website Maintenance provided by our developers is organized and effective.


Content, image and products/services update,
Adding, updating and removing Web page content,
Inventory management, data feed management, catalog management.
Link check throughout the site and corrections
Removal of broken links, bugs and unwanted or faulty codes
Adding, updating and removing products from online catalogs, Price updates. New service announcements
Website Optimization and make SEO friendly changes.

Creating & uploading PDF files, MS excel and notepad.

XML uploads and feed management.
Real estate bulk property uploads
Support to Admin panel.
Install company email for site admin.
Module installation & support

Offering recommendation and steerage on website management and selling via phone and email.

General web orientation education and serving to shoppers learn to use the e-mail and electrical device.

Fix site other errors and bugs


Well maintained site gets more attraction and interest from visitors and customers
Error free and well maintained site helps to rank high search engine
Keeps Spammers and hackers from your website or portal
Helps to run business more sophisticated way and smoothly
Makes your new offers and announcement up-to-date helps to increase business

remove bugs or resolve fixes and keep your website protected.

Web Services Testing

Originate Soft offers a wide range of Testing Services to its customers across industry domains and geographies.

Our frameworks, standards, methodologies and accelerators help us deliver significant business value to our customers.

Web services are lightly coupled autonomous units of business logic which enable client applications to access specific functions in your application over the web.

Our net service testing solutions are designed to deal with this would like.

We carry out comprehensive testing to make sure that the services suits the business needs and deliver worth from the tip user perspective.

Originate Soft’s crazy team of net Service take a look at specialists, leverage their made experience mistreatment business customary tools, effectively verify the right behavior of services through big range of business domains

carry out regression testing to quickly assess & validate functionality through the life cycle of service revisions as well as interoperability testing to isolate potential interoperability issues and optimize integration effort.
If you are looking to hire web services testing experts for your testing project or want to outsource web services testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software testing team, get in touch with Origin Soft today.
However, they come with a price. Each new web service connection added to the mix, introduces another point of failure in a business workflow. Moreover, Web services do not have preventative input data validation, which means that invalid data is not averted.
Our Web service testing solutions have been designed to address this need. We carry out comprehensive testing to ensure that the services comply with the business requirements and deliver value from the end user perspective.


  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Documentation Review
  • Pre-rollout Performance Evaluation
  • Performance Consulting
  • Establishing Automation Framework
  • Test Execution/Regression Testing
  • Identify Requirements
  • Script Maintenance
  • Scripting


Mobile Apps and its extensive growth and proliferation of mobile devices and platforms, mobile application testing matrix has become more complex than ever.

Moreover, the fast evolution of various platforms, OS versions, form factors, screen sizes, OS’s, mobile networks, carriers add to the complexity of mobile app testing.

Industries face a continual challenge to enhance coverage, ensure functionality and adapt to the rapidly changing mobile platforms to keep up with the user demands and expectations that mobile apps work likewise across devices and platforms.

Our team of mobile testing consultants have multitude of expertise and in-depth data to support verification and validation of numerous applications – native, hybrid, responsive design and mobile web applications

Using a wide range of techniques to ensure accelerated mobile application testing & enhance test coverage across all leading devices.
Testing Engineers of Originate Soft provides you with mobile application testing services that include testing application software on different mobile devices for its usability, consistency and functionality.

Mobile application testing is associate integral a part of app development method and May valuably decrease your operational prices.


  • Functional Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Capacity Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing

With our mobile application testing services you may gain the subsequent benefits:

We make sure that your application works steady on different mobile devices and networks.
Time-to-market will be reduced significantly.

Your mobile app can demonstrate the very best level of user expertise and quality.

Cost-efficiency and time saving

Any Web services or Mobile app built must go-through and pass the testing process to ensure that the quality standards are complied with and are on par with the Client’s needs and Maintaining Quality Standards.

This quality testing is meted out to stay the patrons sophisticated regarding the standard of the merchandise being created.

In the method of doing thus, multiple testing techniques are adopted to evaluate the status and identify possible risks during the implementation stage of software.

The testing team works closely with Software development team and informs them if any bugs are identified, and the development works on fixing the same.

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