Why Maintain your Website?

As we are in the 21st year of the 21st century,  we live life digitally. Our business too evolved and we focused digital platform to get our clients or sell our products. For that which we need most is a website,  nowadays it is a common fact that medium to small most of the companies irrespective of business have their own website.  But do we really utilize  the website or do we get the businesses which we were expected while creating the website ?
Most of the cases the answer is a big NO.Here comes the part of website maintenance. Let say when we purchase or built a house or purchase a new car , this one is a valuable asset and to keep it fine we do regular maintenance,  which we called servicing .
Similarly after creating a website one needs to maintain that to get better results regular basis.When a website maintains properly itensure the website security , the visitors will increase which can be a productive leads to generate business,  it helps to generate returning traffic to the website as well.

There are so many new technologies and programming languages which contains thousands of lines of codes which helps the user to maintain the website very easily but it is a very complex structure.
For example a WordPress has evolved huge in last 10 years. In WordPress the plug-ins and themes needs to update timely to protect the website from hackers as well as to run the website smoothly.
Although no one can assure that the website won’t hack 100% but by maintaining the website one can bounce back easily with minimal of troubles.

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If a newspaper daily print the same news for just one week I believe we won’t continue the same newspaper right ? Because no one wants read the same repetitive news everyday.  Similar things happens in case of your Website. Noone wants to read the outdated information which may have happened 6-7 months ago. The contents attract visitors in your Website. So the obsolete contents which spread a negative impression about your business that you may not properly taking care of the same or you may be going out of your business . So don’t let that happen.

To make a productive presence in digital world SEO is a must to do activity. Search engine will reach to your target audience which will become your visitors or later on leads. Now SEO loves a website which is fast but not furious, free of errors , without any deadlinks, SEO loves freshly cooked contents,  so a well maintained website will rank higher in search engine and automatically ensure productive visitors to grow your business.
Apart from this one must needs to backup the complete website once in month or two , to prevent from any kind of mishap. So that you don’t need to rebuild your Website and to protect your valuable data.
Your Website is the mirror of your corporate image, so it needs to maintain properly and efficiently. So most of the people hire expertise professionals to provide the necessary solutions.Here comes we the EscaliersBusiness Solution a company based in Kolkata provides a one stop solutions for all your  web development to maintenance and to mobile applications (Android /ios) to digital marketing to hosting.  So if you want to know more about how our professionals  can add values to your business please contact here.

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