Yii is a high performance, component-based PHP

Why Choose Yii?

Easy Installation

Hassle-free installation and configuration method, that comes with Yii helps businesses save their time and prices.

Cutting-edge Technologies

Equipped with an OOP framework, Yii uses PHP’s advanced and high-end features such as late static binding and SPL classes.

Safe and Secure

Yii exposes methods such as generate Password Hash, validate Password, and generate Random Key, which keep web apps secure and safe.

Error-handling Made Easy

What makes Yii tick is its handle Error method which takes care of errors and warnings, during the application execution process.

Highly Extensible

Every component of Yii framework is extensible, which helps you fine-tune your enterprise apps as per your needs.

Short Development Time

Slower app development process is a nightmare for most, but with Yii, developers can fast-track this process, spend more time on customization and less time on repetitive tasks.